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We pride ourselves in the quality of work and service we provide to our clients and 
that's why we adore hearing positive feedback from the people that matter most.

“Working with Plazology has not only advanced our own understanding of mould design principles, resin grade selection and component design, but has also led to a significantly improved mould qualification process. This has in turn led to an exceptionally high standard of component quality and having gone through this process, I would have no hesitation in recommending Plazology to anyone wanting to design, build and qualify injection moulds to a very high standard”.

JH – Packaging Manager

“I have worked with Plazology since 2009 where they act as independent technical consultants on many large global projects with mutual customers; providing positive input from their detailed knowledge of Mould Design, Molding Simulation and Scientific Processing”

ST – Strategic Account Management

“Select Moulds/Interplex continue to work with Plazology on various projects , they offer additional technical competences which are more specialist than most in particular with injection moulding simulation. Their reports are full of detailed & accurate information which provide an excellent insight into potential mould design and process issues well before moulds are manufactured.

Using Plazology for moulding simulation at the design and development stage can be invaluable from a rework perspective and cost… coupled with their extensive knowledge in polymers, mould design, mould manufacture and injection moulding process they are our preferred partner for outsourcing of moulding simulation globally”

SC – Director
Select Moulds/Interplex

“Plazology provide an effective outsourcing option for mould and process approval/troubleshooting. Plazology are a key resource which we turn too for additional expertise in injection moulding”

TS- Purchasing 
Eaton Corp

"Plazology has been supporting the design, development and validation of key moulds for a high profile, fast track packaging development project. The moulding expertise and experience brought to the project by Plazology has been first class, their ability to identify issues, propose solutions and work effectively across a number of suppliers has enabled a truly great pack to be developed in a very limited time frame.

Plazology show great attention to the technical details, and strive to bring the latest technical thinking to a project to ensure the best results for everyone at the end of the day. There varied experience was a great asset, as was there tenacity to find root cause of issues in order to fix them properly. Look forward to working with them again in the future."

EW - Packaging Manager


"We have been having issues with a molded part, and seemed to try all solutions we could think of. After engaging with Plazology, they ascertained information from our supplier, and quickly came back with an analysis that was not only detailed and specific, but came with tangible recommendations for resolution. I highly encourage their services!"

AH - Principal Device Engineer
TMRW Life Sciences Inc. 

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