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Injection Moulding Troubleshooting

The 2 core stages in all troubleshooting processes are: Problem Identifying and Resolving the Problem. In order to identify problems efficiently, one needs to execute an analytical approach with a clear head. That is often when Plazology gets involved.

The team at Plazology can provide an unbiased, fresh set of eyes to tackle areas of concern using a root cause analysis approach. With their comprehensive knowledge and experience on polymer materials, part/mould design, injection moulding process, and dimension analysis/measurement systems; the engineers are able to deduce the underlying causes cost effectively. The team of engineers in Plazology make judgements based on scientific proven data, allowing them to remove variations and uncertainties productively.


These are some of the areas Plazology can assist in:


Part/Mould Design Troubleshoot -

  1. Polymer Characterisation

  2. Design for Manufacture

  3. Reverse Engineering using injection moulding simulation

  4. Analysing of Measurement Systems


Process Troubleshoot -

  1. Scientific Injection Moulding

  2. De-coupled Moulding

  3. Design for Experiment (both virtually via simulation and on shop floor)

  4. Process Window Studies

Plazology has been working with established clients from all over the world, both remotely and onsite, liaising with their suppliers and customers on the client’s behalf. The team of engineers strive to not only solve the problems by eliminating the root cause, but also to put in place long term corrective action plans.

There are no problems too big or small that the engineers cannot handle.


Don’t waste time and potentially money - Contact us for rapid problem solving


Plazology launch new simulation product development service for the plastics industry VDMA®

Part Design is a crucial element of any manufacturing project. In order to consistently produce a quality injection moulded product, focus needs to be directed on 6 key areas at the design stage.

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