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Plazology launch new simulation product development service for the plastics industry VDMA®

Companies who are responsible for product development face many challenges during the development of plastic components including reduced development costs/lower budgets, more complexed designs and shorter time to market.

To achieve faster and smarter ways of working, product development companies can no longer wait until the CAD is locked and passed over to the moulding company or toolmaker for analysis on Design for Manufacture, these skills are predominately required to run in parallel with product creation. This can bring its own challenges from an internal skill or resource issue and more often as not it’s not known at the beginning of the project who the moulder will be or who will produce the mould tooling.

Plazology bring simulation with industry knowledge on part design, mould tooling and moulding process to the design team.

Using the 5 principles of moulding success (Polymer selection, plastic design best practices, mould design, robust process development, quality & data analysis)

By using Plazology VDMA® service customers can

  • Have access to polymer science and material expertise.

  • Design better plastic components with less design loops, using simulation data as starting point.

  • Have access to moulding simulation experts working in parallel on component and process validation

  • Optimize mould tooling concepts and cycle times, validating potential areas of concern via FEA and CFD. (Imagine having a comprehensive mould layout with every concern risk assessed to give to the final mould maker)

  • Have a greater understanding of potential part quality defects before the mould is manufactured

  • Have a moulding process window developed at the design stage using Virtual DOE simulation.

  • Have far greater confidence that the T1 trials will be more successful than most, have less processing trialing loops as the part has already gone through a cycle of simulation prior to design lock.

  • Have a comprehensive quoting pack to provide to your suppliers for more accurate quotations


In today’s world of digital prototyping and the advances in 3D printing its paramount that the plastics industry follow using the virtual world to validate product design, mould design and moulding process. By using Plazology VDMA services we can support our customers far greater than before in the virtual world…

Contact Plazology to see how we can accelerate your product launches with increased confidence.

Part Design is a crucial element of any manufacturing project. In order to consistently produce a quality injection moulded product, focus needs to be directed on 6 key areas at the design stage.

Plazology offer full moulding simulation capability using Moldex3D software. Over 25 years in the plastics industry from mould design through to moulding process optimisation have given us great experience in conducting simulation that gives reliable and informative results.

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