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Plastic Part Design

To produce high quality components with good consistency, the first step is to optimise the part design. Modern injection moulding techniques allow for greater freedom when designing a plastic component, however issues do still arise. 

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Plazology’s team of technical engineers have many years of experience in the plastics industry. Through their analysis of part design for injection moulding, they are able to highlight any potential issues in a Design for Manufacture report, along with a risk assessment. In addition to this, the team at Plazology will offer solutions to improve the manufacturing feasibility either with a design change, material selection or a moulding solution.

Plazology’s DFM team are experienced with CAD. Design changes can be done in-house, whenever deemed necessary, the new design can then be compared to the original design using injection moulding simulation and FEA software. The process can be repeated until an optimum design is established.

Plazology’s DFM Benefits include:

  • Optimised part design – wider processing window

  • Easy to understand risk assessment

  • In-house CAD geometry modifications

  • Mould design modification and explanation

  • Informed gate location options

  • Efficient cooling layout recommendations

  • Reliable advice

Plazology have supported a number of companies with part design in both remote and dedicated onsite support through liaising with the product designers. This has proven to be an efficient way of minimising design loops and late changes to part design on supply of data to mould makers.

Contact us to optimise the design of your part.

Plazology offer full moulding simulation capability using Moldex3D software. Over 25 years in the plastics industry from mould design through to moulding process optimisation have given us great experience in conducting simulation that gives reliable and informative results.

Allow Plazology to support you in the selection/auditing and management of your global Tooling Programmes.

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