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Vendor Supply Management - Tooling

Mould tooling procurement and management can be a complex and lengthy process. Choosing the right supplier with good knowledge and capability helps to remove the risk of project delays and additional costs involved.

Plazology has many years of experience working inside mould manufacturing plants and managing global mould tooling projects; this includes from part design development, plastics simulation and mould design through to production factory acceptance trials.

The technical team provides support to clients who require fast build prototype tooling with lead times of 2- 3 week (depending on complexity), to more complex tooling such as single cavity pilot moulds and full cavitation production moulds.

The following services can be offered to clients as individual segments or as grouped services:

  • Mouldmaker Capability Audits

  • Mould Specification Plans and URS

  • Mould Design Reviews & Approvals

  • Mould Manufacturing Timeline Management

  • Moulding Machine Capability Tests

  • Robust Process Start Up and Mould Capability Trials

  • Mould Transfer and Re-validation

  • Support customers with IQ, OQ, PQ medical validation & documentation

The team of engineers work remotely in the UK but are also actively working for customers overseas in their manufacturing and R&D technical centres.

With Plazology’s management service, customers can reduce their overall project costs and free up internal assets which can be redirected to other key areas of the business.

For further details on how Plazology can support your current engineering team in the procurement and management of global mould tooling projects, contact

Validation of the mould and the process at the trialling stage is one of the most important features of a project. Systematic collection and reporting of information during this period allow crucial decisions to be made that will avoid development delays and ultimately ensure your project is cost efficient.

Because the injection moulding process has so many variables it is often difficult to isolate the one parameter which is causing potential issues. Plazology can save you time and money with the methods and systems we have developed which can quickly highlight areas of concern in the moulding process.

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