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Validation Centre

Our in-house validation centre allows Plazology to sample our customer mould tools to a high level of process optimisation conducted by our trained Process Engineers. Equipped on the Electric KraussMaffei 1300KN machine, we have the ability via Kistler Como Neo to monitor internal cavity pressure which aids the transferring of moulds after initial validation.

Nikon Measuring Equipment it Plazology 3

Our moulding machine and associated ancillary equipment can process both commodity and engineering type resins. The facility has the ability to have temperature-controlled chilled water for fast cycling moulds and up to 140° pressurised water via TCU for engineering applications.


All parts are measured on-site using a Nikon Vision & CMM iNEXIV, providing inspection reports via Minitab Statistical Data Package (Normal Data, Control Charts, Capability Studies & DoE). Gaging can be provided either by the customer or by ourselves all gages are checked for acceptable Gage RR (Type 1 or 2) before any measurement validation begins.


We can also undertake bridge to production runs if requested.


Plazology are Six Sigma Green & Black Belt practitioners and this allows us to report validation results statistically and graphically.

Plazology offer full moulding simulation capability using Moldex3D software. Over 25 years in the plastics industry from mould design through to moulding process optimisation have given us great experience in conducting simulation that gives reliable and informative results.

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