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Training For Emerging Countries

Plazology offers training to clients and their partners on qualifying and validating injection moulding machines and moulds according to the required procedures and protocols.

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Plazology have been involved in overseas tooling validations for many years. Working on behalf of our customers at their facility or suppliers sites mainly across Asia. 

The past few years has seen more emerging countries get involved in large volume component supply, mainly as hole in wall operations next to their customers manufacturing facilities or in their local region. This helps to reduce the costs of Transportations and Logistics. 

We are aware of a skills gap within the plastics industry in these lower cost countries and Plazology are now being requested to support our customers suppliers with onsite training and management of moulding equipment.

Working with our customers validation plans and protocols, Plazology help in giving the required support to enable the suppliers quickly come to terms with the methods and processes to achieve consistent quality parts.


It’s important to understand why you are being asked to perform lengthy validations and what to do when trials don’t go to plan and fail. 

Over the past 12 months Plazology have worked across the Middle East, South Africa & India supporting local suppliers become more efficient and capable in injection moulding

If you are a manufacturer of injection moulded components and would like to understand how Plazology can give you training and confidence to work with the larger medical and FMCG companies who as standard work to rigorous validation plans please get into contact with us. 

Validation of the mould and the process at the trialling stage is one of the most important features of a project. Systematic collection and reporting of information during this period allow crucial decisions to be made that will avoid development delays and ultimately ensure your project is cost efficient.

Our team at Plazology can provide a totally unbiased “fresh set of eyes” to check out all those variables which can so often be contributing to a problem in the task of producing a new injection moulded product.

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