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Injection Moulding Simulation - Moldex3D

Plazology is one of the leading injection moulding simulation providers in the UK. The team of engineers pride themselves as certified analyst specialists in Moldex3D software. Their in-depth knowledge for polymer physics, computational fluid dynamics, as well as years of experience in plastic injection moulding, sets them apart

from the rest.

Injection moulding cap

The key to effective use of simulation software is to bridge mathematical calculations (ie. Simulation) with the actual events on the moulding shop floor. The engineers in Plazology are proficient Moldex3D users whom ask the right questions, input realistic information, which in turn produces accurate and reliable results. As professional consultants, the team strives to give constructive advice based on scientific proven data instead of opinions.

Throughout years of experience, Plazology has built up numerous case studies from a wide range of industry (FMCG, medical, automotive, electronics, and more). The team of professionals are confident to provide detailed report, allowing customers to eliminate potential moulding defects prior to mould manufacture. With the help from Plazology, customers can benefit from significant time saving and huge cost reduction.

Below are a list of capabilities Plazology can offer:

  • Part Design Optimisation – Fill, Pack & Warp Analysis

  • Material Selection – inclusive of Filler & Fiber Orientation

  • Gate Location Analysis - Runner Design/Runner Balance

  • Mould Design Review – inclusive of Cool Analysis

  • Cooling Layout Optimisation – inclusive of Conformal Cool

  • Process Optimisation/Process Window Study - Design of Experiment

  • Troubleshooting of Existing Mould

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Sequential Filling Analysis

  • Bi-injection/2 Shots Moulding

  • Insert Moulding/Over Moulding

  • Core Deflection

  • Gas Assisted/Water assisted Injection Moulding

  • MuCell


Contact us at to find out how we can help you shorten cycle time and increase overall profit.

Validation of the mould and the process at the trialling stage is one of the most important features of a project. Systematic collection and reporting of information during this period allow crucial decisions to be made that will avoid development delays and ultimately ensure your project is cost efficient.

Allow Plazology to support you in the selection/auditing and management of your global Tooling Programmes.

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