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Plazology provide technical expertise to global customers who are involved in the development of plastic injection moulded components, ranging from large automotive components to complex medical assemblies.


Plazology offer a range of services across the development and production of injection moulded components. We can work remotely from our 2 UK offices or as dedicated support in your facilities working alongside your engineering teams. 


Combining 30 years of industry experience with today's Industry 4.0.

Plazology is a leading company for injection moulding technical consultancy. 

Our methodology combines proven engineering principles with data driven and science led decision making which allows us to effectively provide our customers with:

High quality

consistent parts

Shorter cycle times and process efficiencies

Quicker production

roll out

Reduced development & production costs



Virtual Design Moulding Analysis

In today’s world of digital prototyping and the advances in 3D printing it's paramount that the plastics industry follow using the virtual world to validate product design, mould design and moulding process.


By using Plazology VDMA services we can support our customers far greater than

before in the virtual world…

Syringe Barrel_edited_edited.png

Early verification a plastic part’s design

Dedicated to supporting product launches


Reduces processing trials, saving both time and money


"Plazology are a key resource which we turn too for additional expertise in injection moulding”


Eaton Corp

Customer Projects

Here at Plazology, we aim to provide technical knowledge to our customers by supporting them in the following key areas:
  • Polymer selection for part design

  • Plastic part design Optimisation (including Design for Manufacture Studies, Design Failure Mode Effective Analysis and Modification of CAD geometry)

  • Injection moulding simulation (including fill, pack, cool, warp analysis; optimising process setting; improving runner/cooling layout)

  • Mould design (including moulding press selection and capability)

  • Process set up and validation using Scientific Moulding techniques and Design of Experiment

  • Dimensional studies using Minitab

  • Mould and process transfer from site to site

  • Full turnkey product development and roll out

  • Troubleshooting

  • Vendor audits/Supplier management

  • Research projects

  • Cost reduction analysis

  • Competitor benchmarking


As an experienced and dynamic company, we stay in touch with the latest technology within the Plastics industry applying our knowledge and experiences to a diverse range of markets.





Over the years, Plazology has built up excellent relationships with various organisations; this includes Universities both in the UK and overseas. We are constantly developing using different training platforms to enhance our skills and knowledge, enabling us to provide true value to our customers. 

Plazology has grown at an advanced rate which allowed us to reinvest and recruit additional staff, to develop our own in house capabilities.

Plazology is now a leading company for injection moulding technical consultancy. 

Get in Touch  /  Tel. 01132 515130

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